Pega Sales Automation

What is Pega?

Digital transformation with Pega 

By Michael D. Corbin 

Pega is a business process management (BPM) platform that’s been around for 30+ years – yet when I polled my peers in the technology industry, 90% of them hadn’t even heard of it. We’re a group that prides ourselves on being up on all the coolest new tech, so the fact that nearly all of us had never heard of Pega BPM came as a shock. As our team at INNOVA Consulting rolls out plans to support Pegasystems through, I immersed myself in all things Pega. 

Turns out that unless you’ve worked for a very large organization with thousands of employees, this enterprise-level digital process automation software is likely unfamiliar to you too. Typical Pega customers tend to be organizations with huge customer service representative call centers, ones that perform constant customer support activities, or government agencies that need a way to manage a massive number of processes and services. Airlines and insurance companies are just two examples of industries that rely on Pega to automate their processes for millions of transactions, making employees more efficient and cutting down the number of errors. 

Pega BPM Features 

Pega is no-code/low-code, which means it’s easy for non-technical people to learn how to build complex apps. The platform has a Dev Studio within it, which allows business process owners, marketing departments and sales leaders to work directly with Pega developers to create new applications, improve and automate business processes, and automatically learn your business as it works to improve the customer experience. Everything about Pega starts with the business need and the customer experience, and it comes with decades of evolution to continually improve. 

Pega is all about creating a better customer service experience. The software uses “Cases” for each application, and each Case mirrors what was once a manual process. This automation allows customer service representatives to spend less time on data entry and lookups, and more time focused on solving customers’ issues and service requests. Starting with just one Case, over time you can digitally transform the business. 

Customer engagement, customer service, intelligent automation 

Pega is unlimited in how big it can scale, which is not the case for most applications. The Pega platform connects and automates (often through AI) customer engagement, customer service, and intelligent automation.  

Consider all of the customized, targeted emails you receive from the likes of AAA Insurance, MasterCard or Sprint. Pega is the tool that makes it so the messaging you see when you login is designed for you. It’s how their chatbot knows what questions to ask, how to escalate a problem and how to automatically perform tasks on your account. Pega BPM is also the reason the customer service rep who takes your call has all of your information already at their fingertips. 

This is just the tip of the Pega iceberg, and I believe Pega will evolve to also support mid-large-sized companies and possibly small companies one day. The platform is really just getting started, and right now there aren’t enough people who know how to develop in Pega or how to train Pega developers. That’s why we’re here: To help enterprise businesses and developers reach their potential with Pega. 

BPM911, powered by INNOVA Consulting, provides world-class Pega training and consulting services. Headquartered in Kansas City with offices in Atlanta, GA, Scottsdale, AZ and Bangalore, India, our team of 80+ consultants has strong expertise in delivering Pega solutions through our proprietary Center of Excellence (CoE) model. Our frameworks streamline go-to-market efforts, getting it right the first time. We utilize Pega’s DCO process with subtle modifications, which helps ensure the project tasks and activities are aligned with your business goals. In addition, we provide the project oversight that guarantees successful outcomes to your projects. 

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